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PDO School provides education for the children of expatriate direct hire employees of PDO or Shell, aged between 3 and 11 years of age.


A summary of our Admission Criteria:

  • At least one parent must be an expatriate direct hire employee of PDO or Shell

  • Children must be at least 3 years old before they can join PDO School

  • Children must not be older than 11 years old in the year before secondary transfer

  • Parents must successfully complete the online application.  

Whilst PDO School will endeavour to support the various learning needs of its students, the school does not have provision for children with significant special needs.  


Parents are required to disclose any significant needs their child may have. Should your child require specialist learning support please make this known during your application process by providing as much information as possible during the admissions process. Our Inclusion and Support Team will meet with you to discuss the learning needs of your child and assess if the school is able to support these learning needs. If we are unable to admit your child, we will assist you in finding alternative provision whenever possible. 


If you have any concerns about this matter, please contact the school at your earliest convenience. 


Click the link below for further details in our Admissions and Transfer Policy.


You are also advised to read PDO’s Education Assistance Policy.

 Click here for the School Admissions and Transfer Policy






Applications can be made by using form linked to above.  You will be able to:

  • apply for up to 3 children on one form

  • save your application to continue later

  • upload relevant documents

  • submit your application





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