Learning Support


PDO School is fortunate to have a team of qualified and experienced Learning Support teachers, working across the school from Primary 1 - Primary 7, deployed to assess, teach and support children with moderate learning difficulties, who may require additional help to access the curriculum over a period of time.  The school does not cater for the needs of children with severe special educational needs.


Before admission, children are assessed to ensure they can access the curriculum, and at this stage we are able to determine whether or not the school has the resources to meet their needs.  Some children may be immediately supported by a Learning Support Teacher; others may be identified as being in need of a specific teaching programme of additional learning support at some stage during their time at PDO School.


When diagnostic testing is required this is either carried out in school or, in some cases, by an outside specialist.  An individual learning plan is developed based upon such assessments identifying targets for development, resources required, and the expected time frame.  The aim is for children to acquire the skills they need to help them learn and progress independently as soon as possible.


Children who show exceptional ability in one or more subject areas are also recognised in the school and are provided for through class teachers and subject specialist differentiated planning.  The Leaders for Learning Support, Literacy and Numeracy advise and provide resources for the class teachers as they plan for these children to ensure challenge and secure good progress.